Any questions or concerns about First Saturdays, please contact
This is an artist-run event. We're a Team! We rely on each other to make this a success, so please consider helping out where you can.

It's not mandatory to participate every month. Just let us know if you want your name added to the "This Month's Studios" list when you plan to open. (Once we have your information we will keep it for cutting and pasting each month.)  Here are your choices for mediums:  painting, furniture, photography, drawing, textiles, fashion, assemblage, collage, clay, film, glass, drawing, jewelry, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture, public art.    We suggest doing this as early as possible in the month to build interest and enthusiasm for the coming month's event. We encourage demos or hands-on activities for people who visit your studio.  Hours are noon to 5pm.
We will take down "This Months Studios" within a few days of the event.

FEE: each artist in each building or studio pays the one time fee of $25

SAFETY: please make sure your studio is a safe environment for visitors by having tools, tripping hazards, etc. correctly stored

VISITOR CARE: if you have signed up for FS and end up having to leave early for any reason please post a sign on door.  Nothing worse than a visitor arriving and no one there. You can phone or text me at 604-817-9130 so I can note it on “Open This Month” on the website.

SECURITY: is a big issue whether you are in your own building or part of a large building.  A couple of suggestions:
*If you are in a large building with a locked entrance door please make sure it is noted on the website or your front door how to get in. This is most likely by your phone number.
* Do not give or post publicly the code to your building or the location of a hidden key as that becomes a security risk for the other artists in your building.
* Use the buddy system when at all possible.  Having more than one person in the studio is just safer.  You could offer a friend art lessons and when visitors come it could be a jumping off point to start a conversation.  If you are in a bigger building check on each other once in a while.

ARTIST CARE:  also please be considerate of the other artists in your building who do not take part in First Saturday.  Make sure your visitors know the whole building is not open if that is the case.  Meet them at the door and make sure to escort them out at the end of the visit.   Notify your neighbours that you are opening your studio so they know strangers might be outside your door. Make sure your signage does not interfere with other artist’s notices. 

* One time membership dues are $25.  This money is used to create one banner for each building, to pay for domain name and website.  If we need more money for a project, advertising, etc. we will collect as needed.
Artists: Please mail or drop off cash or check to: (or I can take an e-transfer as well **don't forget to tell me the security answer**)
Valerie Arntzen    800 Keefer Street, Vanc, V6A 1Y7

Email your image and information, and we will add it to the "ARTISTS IN (YOUR AREA)  page.

*  We have a drop box account where all information/minutes/etc is kept under First Saturdays

*  Problems just email us for help.